Our Chair Natalie Bailey has recorded a message for World Mental Health Day this Sunday (10 October).

This year’s theme is Mental Health in an Unequal World.

The theme is set by the World Federation for Mental Health. It says the lack of investment in mental health around the world is disproportionate to overall health budgets, that many people are unable to access mental health services, and that people with mental health issues are experiencing stigma and discrimination.

In her video, Natalie talks about our work to increase government investment in counselling and psychotherapy and bring an end to inequalities in access to vital support.

Natalie says: “Whether it’s disparity in access, lack of choice in counselling provision, or the barriers different communities face when trying to reach out for support, it’s tackling these inequalities that drives a lot of campaign work at BACP.

“It’s why we campaign for better access to a wider choice of therapy for different communities across all four nations of the UK; on the NHS, in schools and colleges, universities, workplaces and Third Sector.

“It’s why we’ve been calling on the government to increase investment in counselling and psychotherapy and bring an end to the inequalities when trying to access vital support.

“We will continue with that call every day of the year – not just on World Mental Health Day.”