We regret to announce that four members of our Board of Governors have resigned from their roles with immediate effect.

Neela Masani and Heather Roberts, who were elected by our members, and Val Elliott and Moira Sibbald, who were both appointed to the Board, have decided to step down.

We want to reassure members that despite these departures, our Board of Governors will continue to conduct its normal duties as per our Articles of Association and continue to fulfil its important role in leading the strategic direction of the organisation. 

All our Trustees are passionate about making a difference to people’s lives through their work, and dedicated to shaping the future of the Association on behalf of our members and fulfilling their duties as charity trustees. The Board will be reflecting on the circumstances surrounding the resignations.

Our 2021 Governor election will continue as planned and one candidate will be elected to the Board.

We want to thank Neela, Heather, Val and Moira for their hard work and contribution to the Association and to wish them well for the future.