As the war in Ukraine continues, many counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists, are asking what they can do, if anything, to help. We’re helping to promote this emergency summit, organised by Onlinevents and University of Roehampton London, which will bring together globally leading theorists, researchers and clinicians in the counselling and psychotherapy field to discuss the potential role we can have in creating a more peaceful world.

Mick Cooper, who’s taken an active role in organising the summit, said: "We set up this emergency summit in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine because we desperately wanted to do something. The honest truth is, we didn't know what we could do, or even if we could do anything, but the situation seemed so desperate and so overwhelming, that we felt it was imperative to try."

"We've been delighted by the response from the psychotherapy and counselling community to come together to explore this issue. Within days, many of the leading figures in the field generously agreed to donate their time to this summit."

"We hope, by the end of the day, that we'll all come away with new thoughts and reflections about how we may be able to contribute to global peace and justice; and new practices and initiatives that can make that hope a reality."

There are 36 confirmed speakers and workshop facilitators. Sessions will explore both the practical things therapists can do, and more theoretical explorations of the links between therapeutic ideas and conflict resolution practices. Speakers include Dwight Turner, Emmy van Deurzen, Paul Gilbert and Andrew Reeves.

The fundraiser will take place on Zoom, on Saturday 26 March from 9.30am to 6.30pm. The suggested donation to attend is £20, although this is a voluntary contribution. Event costs are being kept to an absolute minimum with all speakers donating their time for free.

All profits from the event will go to UN Crisis Relief and attendees are asked to contribute what they can to help raise money to support the people of Ukraine. £10,000 has already been donated thanks to the generous support of the psychotherapy and counselling community.

Book your place using the Onlinevents web link

Mick Cooper

"We hope, by the end of the day, that we will all come away with new thoughts and reflections on how we may be able to contribute to global peace and justice."

The full list of confirmed speakers and workshop facilitators

  • Mahmood Ahmad
  • William Ayot
  • Christina Bachini
  • Kalanit Ben-Ari
  • Lucia Berdondini
  • Kenneth Bradford
  • Dot Clark
  • Maureen Cooper
  • Mick Cooper
  • Emmy van Deurzen
  • Sadnum Dharamsi
  • Windy Dryden
  • Richard Erskine
  • Paul Gilbert
  • Juliet Grayson
  • Tamara Greenberg
  • Maria Kontinari
  • Courtland Lee
  • Greg Madison
  • Abdullah Maynard
  • John McLeod
  • Peggy Natiello
  • Ani de la Prida
  • Andrew Reeves
  • Robin Shohet
  • Salma Siddique
  • Rima Sidhpara
  • Jaakko Sikkula
  • Ernesto Spinelli
  • Nora Sveaass
  • Digby Tantam
  • Dwight Turner
  • Carol Walter-Gustafson
  • Kate Williams
  • Joan Wilmot
  • John Wilson