Only 12% of people realise anyone can call themselves a counsellor or psychotherapist*.

People need to know why to choose a therapist who is on a Professional Standards Authority accredited register – such as ours.

We regularly highlight this in the media and this week it was great to see some of our members and our Head of Professional Standards Caroline Jesper feature across regional ITV news bulletins this week.

The piece told the story of Laura who had a harrowing experience when she saw an unqualified and unregistered therapist.

Registered professionals

Caroline warned about some of the problematic things to watch out for that may indicate a therapist isn't qualified or registered.

Our Head of Professional Standards Caroline Jesper spoke to ITV about how to find a qualified, registered therapist

Our Head of Professional Standards Caroline Jesper spoke to ITV about how to find a qualified, registered therapist

Our members told ITV it is vital that therapy is done by trained, registered professionals.

They spoke about their extensive training, ethics, continued learning and how they support clients.

“We have to do continued professional development taking us to new areas of study. We offer a really safe boundaried relationship which is really important,” said Suzi Hutton on ITV Tyne Tees.

"If you're talking to a friend sometimes you give your opinion, and it's not about us giving our opinion. It's about being non-judgmental." said Jackie Rogers on ITV Central.

Elsewhere in the country, Jayne Booth spoke to ITV Anglia East, Sally Brown was interviewed by ITV Anglia West, Simon Coombs spoke to ITV West Country West, Abbie Dubicki appeared on ITV West Country East, Tracey Stephenson talked to Calendar in Yorkshire and Arabella Russell chatted to ITV Meridian West.

Watch the feature that was broadcast in the ITV Anglia East region.

Professional and ethical

Choosing a therapist from a professional body such as BACP means you know they are fully qualified and expected to uphold a high level of professional and ethical standards. There's a complaints and conduct process on the rare occasion there's a problem.

Thank you to all our members who featured across the ITV regions this week.

We’ll continue to work hard to raise awareness of this and highlight the expertise and important role of all our members through media opportunities such as this one.

*Stats taken from our 2022 Public Perceptions Survey.