Our Chief Executive Dr Hadyn Williams renewed our call for government-funded counselling in schools to support young people in coming to terms with the impact of the pandemic.

In a letter to the Guardian, Hadyn said the need has never been greater for qualified counselling professionals to support our children and young people, and to ease the strain on school staff.

He said: “We’re seeing an increase in demand for services as young people struggle to come to terms with how their lives have been transformed by the pandemic – and that demand is only going to rise.

“We know that counselling can have a transformative effect on young people’s lives and that early, accessible help is key. Indeed, research indicates that school counselling alleviates psychological distress and improves self-esteem. This is crucial to help with the range of emotional challenges that children and young people are facing.

Counselling and psychotherapy

“There is a trained counselling and psychotherapy workforce that can meet the demand if funding was secured for universal access in all schools and colleges. We need to act now to prevent overwhelming pressure on mental health services in years to come.”

Our Vice President Julia Samuel discussed how to find a family therapist on BBC Radio London. She also appeared on BBC Radio London to talk about the National Day of Reflection, which marked the second anniversary of the first COVID-19 lockdown.

The Guardian also featured Arabella Russell, who shared her expertise in an advice column for family-related issues.

Gurpreet Singh contributed to the BBC Radio 4 programme Culture on the Couch, which explored the need for culturally appropriate therapy and “why in therapy one size doesn’t fit all”.

Natasha Page spoke to the Huff Post for an article about why people find it difficult to reveal their insecurities with family members.

Jayne Booth contributed to a feature in Women’s Health magazine examining how the threat of male violence can impact mental health.

Jayne also spoke to Women’s Health magazine about plans by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to tackle male violence.

To mark Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Ruth Micallef spoke to Marie Claire about disordered eating symptoms. Ruth also spoke to the Metro about the mental health benefits of nature and being outside.

The Metro spoke to Dee Johnson for an article looking at whether minimalist living can improve mental health.