There are several opportunities for you to speak at some of our upcoming Making Connections events.

Presenting at our events has brought satisfaction to a number of our members, many of whom enjoyed engaging their peers with a topic that they’re passionate and knowledgeable about.

Past speakers have covered topics such as neurodiversity, male sexual trauma, online counselling and domestic abuse.

Phyllis Coulter spoke at our Making Connections Belfast event last July with her presentation, Working creatively with adult clients.

Phyllis found the experience of presenting fulfilling, saying: "I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of presenting at a recent Making Connections event.

"The events team at BACP are very helpful and completely professional in how they go about their tasks. I was regularly communicated with before the event and on the day.

"I would recommend the experience as a way to be part of equipping colleagues to develop the profession for the future."

Anthony Davis shared his presentation, Psychological distress among black gay, bisexual and MSM: Implications for therapeutic practice, at our Making Connections London event last November.

Anthony found presenting to be a rewarding experience, saying: "The attendees were warm and welcoming and demonstrated reflection and interest in my presentation through their questions and sharing authentic experiences."

Our Making Connections events are free for members and are a great networking opportunity, giving attendees the chance to share ideas and meet with likeminded individuals, including other members, divisional executive members and BACP staff.

Upcoming speaker opportunities include:

  • Making Connections Belfast - June 2023
  • Making Connections Scotland - October 2023
  • Making Connections London - November 2023
  • Making Connections Lincoln - January 2024.

If you feel that your professional or personal expertise could be of interest, we’d love to hear from you.

For more information about how to become a speaker at one of our events, visit our dedicated share your expertise webpage.