The support stage for motions to be taken forward to the 2023 AGM closed on Monday 4 September. This year, all four motions received the required level of support, and will go forward to the final ballot at this year’s AGM on Thursday 2 November. 

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to show support for one of this year’s motions.

Our Chair, Natalie Bailey said: "As always I’d like to thank every member who has taken the time to submit motions and resolutions and to those who showed their  support during the support phase. 

"I’m really pleased to see so many members engaging with the process again this year. It continues to show that the motions and resolutions process is an extremely important opportunity for our members to shape the future of our association.

"The four motions which gained the required level of support will now proceed to the final AGM ballot and I encourage all members to use their vote."



Motions require the support of 0.1% of the membership to be put to a vote at the AGM.

The following motions all received the required support to progress to the voting stage.

Motion 1

To provide a digital-only option for membership materials e.g. renewal reminders, magazines, to save money and protect the environment.

1,627 members (2.4%) supported this motion.

Motion 2

BACP to undertaken an artificial intelligence (AI) in counselling study. AI can already be used in NHS procedures (e.g. analysis of imagery) and through the SCoPEd project BACP align closer to the medical model. As AI gathers pace the need to understand its advantages and disadvantages increase in importance.

821 members (1.2%) supported this motion.

Motion 3

Counsellors and Psychotherapists should be Vat exempt in the same way Psychiatrists are. The BACP and UKCP should be pushing harder for this equality.

2,138 of members (3.2%) supported this motion.

Motion 4

BACP should keep members informed about the benefits offered by trade union membership. BACP should work with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union (PCU) and other relevant unions on workplace matters of mutual interest. BACP should engage positively with unions where union members wish to improve BACP’s practices.

1,739 members (2.6%) supported this motion.

Next steps 

Voting for the final stage of the motions and resolutions process will open on Monday 2 October and all four motions will now go forward to a member vote with results announced at the AGM on Thursday 2 November.

We’d like to invite all members to get involved and help shape the future of the profession. This year’s AGM is a hybrid event and will take place in person at The Burlington Birmingham and online.

A recording of the AGM will be available afterwards through our on demand service.

Book to attend the AGM in person or to attend online.

Natalie Bailey, Chair of BACP

Natalie Bailey, Chair of BACP