Global events and conflict are having a devastating impact on the lives of people around the world.

We’ve been contacted by BACP members with a variety of strongly held viewpoints on current world events.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by these horrific situations, particularly families who have lost loved ones. 

We also recognise the effect these conflicts have on communities in the UK.

Racism, discrimination, threats and violence are unacceptable. 

The trauma of war can have long-term consequences on mental health and wellbeing and can reach far beyond the immediate warzone. 

We’re committed to an inclusive, anti-racist stance that reflects the ethics and integrity that is at our professions’ heart.

While we understand the depth of feeling on global conflicts, as a registered charity and a membership body our focus must be on our charitable objectives and on mental health and access to counselling and psychotherapy. 

Any statements we make must focus on the psychological impact of war and the impact of communities’ mental health. 

This does not mean that these issues will not feature within our journals, blogs and online content.  

We believe it is important that our members are able to share their own experiences on the role that counselling and psychotherapy can play, in supporting those affected by conflict around the world.  

As therapists, our members may be dealing with their own emotional response to conflict, as well as supporting their clients through theirs.

We have developed a page of resources for our members relating to their own self-care during this immensely difficult time.

Visit our self-care resources page.