We're delighted to announce a new era of working together more collaboratively with the British Psychoanalytic Council and the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

This follows a gradual increase in shared activity over the past few years.

We are different organisations and will continue to retain our rich and unique identities but we recognise that we also have much in common that is significant.

Above all we share a commitment to improving the nation’s mental health and wellbeing.

We will work together in the coming months and years to:

  • ensure that counselling and psychotherapy are accessible to all who could benefit from them
  • continue to safeguard the public by effectively regulating the counselling and psychotherapy profession
  • promote the highest standards of training and research
  • build and promote the evidence base for counselling and psychotherapy
  • engage Government and Health Commissioners in order to establish adequate mental health funding

We look forward to furthering the vital role that counselling and psychotherapy plays in the mental health of the nation and will keep you informed about our collaborative work.