I am a counsellor working with clients from all backgrounds, but I specialise in working within the music industry.

I am also a musician who has struggled with my own mental health, and I noticed a massive gap in provisions whilst I was training.

It’s why I founded Counselling For Musicians in 2017 and it has been an incredible experience for me. My client base has grown from strength to strength.

Now, more than ever, musicians and other music industry professionals are struggling.

Therapists may find that they are getting more enquiries from the creative industries and it’s important that people get support where they can.

The music industry already comes with its own unique set of issues such as addiction, inconsistent work, life on tour, creativity, pitfalls of success and is one of the only industries where people are constantly balancing on a knife edge of rejection and validation to determine their futures.

The music industry can be a brutal place to be but let’s not dismiss that it can also be incredibly rewarding.

Throughout this pandemic, people have lost their livelihoods, their identity and their hope for the future.

I have several clients and friends who had postponed gigs, tours and other opportunities from earlier this year only to be told that they have been postponed until mid-2021 or cancelled completely.

It’s clear that there will be a lot of music industry professionals struggling with anxiety, depression, loss of identity, massive financial issues, relationship difficulties, grief and many other complex issues.

The current situation will end one day - one way or another but in the meantime, people’s livelihoods have been decimated.

It will be our job to offer our support, listen, and allow musicians and other music industry professionals to work through the hopelessness, anger, frustration and grief of this pandemic in the coming weeks, months and years.