Our BACP Coaching online network groups have been very popular, and almost always fully booked so we'd love to connect more people. We can't do this without you.

Over the last year we have hosted a monthly gathering for coach/counsellors to connect, share and reflect. These are spaces to discuss the links, differences and questions arising from the practices of coaching and counselling.

We have also invited guest contributors to speak on mindfulness, somatic learning and supervision. The feedback has been positive, but we are conscious that we are only able to reach a small percentage of coaching division members due to capacity. We’d love you to get involved to connect more people. Are you interested in hosting a meeting?

We anticipate any new gatherings would be geographically based and so when - hopefully in the not-too-distant future - we can meet again face to face, these groups can meet in person. The format is flexible, and the frequency can be decided by you.

It would be great to see quarterly meetings in, for example, London, Sheffield, Liverpool, Bristol and Glasgow. These would be via zoom and BACP is able to pay for any associated costs. The events team at BACP provide guidelines around hosting online and in person events.

If you are interested or would like to chat about what it might involve, please email me at tomandrews002@gmail.com or contact Jade from the BACP events team at jade.ingham-mulliner@bacp.co.uk 

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