So much can happen in a year and what a year it’s been. Back last March, most of my corporate clients suspended their coaching programmes whilst they battled with home working and the impact of the pandemic. Who knew how we would survive and how we’d make ourselves and our loved ones safe, as the virus hit our shores.

There was no escape for anyone, anywhere; an existential and physically threatening crisis the likes of which my generation had never experienced. I was going through my own personal and unrelated crisis at the time, so life felt bleaker than bleak. During those times, I did the only thing I could do - I kept going. Dreading every morning, I’d drag myself from bed and putting one foot in front of the other, do the next thing and the next; cope with chaotic sleep patterns, and do the same again and again, until finally, the sun began to shine and the days became more welcome.

Those reading this will have embarked on personal work to help them through darkness. That work creates an inner strength and resilience, on which to draw in difficult times. We don’t know it then, as we inevitably feel our vulnerability so much more than our strength. But I am thankful for the wonderful therapists, coaches and wise, supportive friends who had my back and reminded me who I was, who I am.

Today, the sun is shining - actually and internally and I can sit in its warmth and feel fine. I am busy and my work nourishes me as it always did. We are lucky that our work can migrate easily online and I look forward to talking about my zoom coaching and workshop-ing in a future blog.

I hope that the sun is shining for you today too, and that if you’re experiencing bleaker times, they quickly pass into better ones. Sometimes that seems as if it will never happen. Then the clouds pass and the first rays of recovery show through. If we can build on those, our inner strength will see us through.