I am so grateful for my counsellor. When I first started working with her she introduced the concept of meditation but I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t open to this. Working through some difficult issues and learning more about myself, the importance of self-care and being kinder to myself, eventually led me to taking a risk and trying something new.

I have been meditating a lot more than ever during this latest lockdown and at different points throughout the day. I really trust my intuition and gut now and know that the thoughts that I sit on throughout meditation are safe and to be trusted, thanks to my counsellor.

I do not want to jinx anything, but everything is starting to feel really secure and stable; meditating has been the biggest healer for me yet. I always held back before as I was so afraid of what my thoughts would be, but I’ve come to realise now that my thoughts were so heavy, clouded and intrusive because my mind was never being allowed time to rest.

Meditation and mindfulness give me headspace allowing me to feel in control and in tune with my emotions and thoughts. Every day I aim to be better, and every day I grow just a little bit more. I have become more kind to myself in all areas of my life and have come to realise there is so much more to me than my trauma.

I know to an extent my trauma and mental health issues influence who I am because they are the reason for leading me into a career of humanitarianism where ultimately, I just want to help others like I have been helped. I have learned to become almost somewhat appreciative of what has happened throughout my life, because it has all shaped my levels of compassion and empathy for others.

I am really beginning to learn how to love all the parts of myself, and for that I want to say thank you for my counsellor for all the work we have done together which has led me up to this point.

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