In a few short weeks as a nation we’ve lost our Queen, gained our new King, said goodbye to our Prime Minister (PM), welcomed a new PM, and in a turn of events after just 45 days learned we would say goodbye to Liz Truss in that role as well. Then most recently we welcomed Rishi Sunak as PM. 

Our nation has experienced so much loss, change and evolution in such a short period. It’s important that we take time to acknowledge what this uncertainty could bring up in ourselves as British people, our clients, our families and the world at large - and the effect on our collective unconscious.

For some, the death of our Queen could trigger memories of the death of their grandparents or parents. It could also remind them of their elder loved one’s own mortally. Symbolically many of us experienced the Queen as immortal and pure. For BAME clients in particular there could be duality with this as the monarchy may symbolise systematic oppression, power and privilege. Thus, this highlights particular sensitivity with considerations for the symbolism of our nation's leaders. However, as we, our clients and the nation experience the impact of the leaders of this country, it’s important we're gentle with ourselves and aware of feelings that come up. We’ve experienced these losses and shifts on the shoulders of a global pandemic so it’s a jolt for the world. 

For some of our clients who have unresolved issues surrounding abandonment, the PM's resignation after 45 days in office could resurface those emotional injuries. So, at this time more than ever, it’s important as clinicians that we embody our utmost sensitivity towards our clients and also offer it to ourselves, engaging in ample self-reflection and self-care. That could materialise as longer walks, more hot baths, more quality time with loved ones, extra supervision, or personal therapy, among other things.