We've added an update to our Therapist Directory profiles. The page will now enable you to show when you're not available to potential client's weeks in advance, from both the top of your profile and also the search results' preview page. This will make it easy for potential client's to be able to see at a quick glance which therapists are currently taking on new clients and also if you're currently out of the office. 

You can use this new functionality for a number of different reasons, for example, when you:

  • have a full client list
  • have annual leave
  • are on maternity or paternity leave.

To use it, click into the global settings and then tick the out of office box, selecting the dates you're unavailable to see clients. This will then show up on both the search results page against your name and also at the top of your profile, when this is clicked on.

There are also a few other things you can do to show that you aren't available:

  • availability: you can update this section of the listing to notify the public that you don't have any spaces available at the moment. You can also put in a month that you anticipate being available from and to
  • practice description: you can write in the first sentence that you're not available and it will show in the preview pane on the search results page. It will also show against your photo making this clear to the public before you click into the listing
  • archive listing: you can archive your listing in your directory dashboard by clicking on delete and then archive. This will then move your listing into the archive section on the dashboard until you wish it to be visible again on the website. To reactivate the listing, you'll need to click on edit, which is next to the listing, and then, save and submit. This will then come through for approval.

We're here to help and support members in any way we can, so if you're unsure about anything to do with directories, please send an email. We look forward to keeping you up to date with future developments about the service as there are lots of new and improved functionalities heading your way!

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