Single session therapy, or One-at-a-time counselling as it’s also known, is becoming a familiar therapeutic modality. In theory it’s a win-win – students can see a counsellor within days of self-referring and services reduce waiting lists. Yet it can be a challenging approach for counsellors who may be seeing more clients, less frequently. In One at a time: the one-night stand of counselling we learn how counsellors get to grips with One-at-a-time counselling.

It's an absorbing read and Jane presents a personal take on One-at-a-time counselling. Much resonates with my own experience and how I hear other counsellors adapt to using this modality. There is some understandable anxiety when shifting to this approach and yet the undeniable consequence is that waiting times have significantly reduced – maybe we do need to embrace new ways of working in order to provide a service at the point of need rather than at the point of availability. But sure, further research is necessary and I’m hoping to publish an audit of One-at-time-counselling in a University setting in the future.

I’m pleased to share A time of crisis? which picks up on the 2019 report from Heads of University Counselling Services Scotland and shares research into the increasing demand for counselling following the COVID pandemic.

Grateful thanks to ADHD and Autism at university, who, in collaboration with the Unite Students, has published a report that claims that one in seven university students have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or autism. She calls for action to meet the needs of neurodivergent students.

In what I hope will be a regular feature in the journal, I’m keen to share great news. In this issue, we celebrate the Principal’s Award for Excellence in. Well done Ronnie and the team!

I’m delighted to introduce three new members of the BACP UC division Executive Committee. Bursting with talent, experience and enthusiasm.

Grateful thanks also to our other Executive Committee Special Interest Group leads, with notes from Notes from Acting Chair of BACP UC and from Colleges, Notes from HUCS' Chair and Notes from research SIG. Mary is retiring in the summer, so I know we’ll all want to thank her for the huge amount of work she’s put into BACP-UC and the sector. Enjoy your next chapter, Mary!

Many thanks to our wonderful columns Reflections of a final year student, Ponderings of a counselling tutor and A conversation about suicide. Congratulations Kate for successfully completing your studies - we wish you well as you launch into your new counselling career.

I’m pleased to feature our latest Profile piece with Alison Hunte, which provides some excellent self-care advice.