My journey to a counselling career in Gibraltar

The transformative power of counselling draws me deeply, offering a fulfilling career path on multiple levels. Working within Gibraltar's unique, close-knit community adds another layer of meaning to this already rewarding pursuit. My natural empathy and skillset align perfectly with the qualities needed for counselling, motivating me to gain the necessary expertise to create a supportive and empowering environment for clients. Witnessing firsthand the positive impact of counsellors solidified my resolve to dedicate myself to this field. 

Despite increased awareness, mental health still carries an unfortunate stigma. As a counsellor, I envision myself as part of a team working to create a safe and judgment-free space, fostering understanding and empowering individuals to overcome their challenges. Recognising the importance of responsible use, I am committed to honing my inherent ability to connect with others through proper training and supervision. 

The Gibraltar College's programme, combining in-person learning, online support, and practical experience, perfectly aligns with my learning style and provides the well-rounded support I need to excel. Upon completion, I'll be equipped to address various local needs, including those arising from trauma, addiction, and grief. 

The recent surge in demand for counselling in Gibraltar reflects the growing need for mental health support, further emphasised by global challenges.  

I wholeheartedly support the Government's commitment to training local counsellors, as echoed by the Minister for Education's recent statement, "It is wonderful to see the Gibraltar College carrying out this training... With mental health being such a concern today, it is particularly important that counsellors are available to support those who need them. The fact that they are home grown is even more welcome."  

My experience growing up in a multicultural environment further equips me to navigate the diverse tapestry of Gibraltar's community. 

The most fulfilling aspect of counselling lies in witnessing individuals overcome their struggles and transform into stronger, more resilient versions of themselves.  

This transformative potential, combined with the timeless nature of this profession, brings immense satisfaction. I encourage anyone drawn to this path, regardless of age or background, to pursue it. Just like fine wine, experience only enhances your ability to excel as a counsellor.