Our campaign urging Government to maximise the role of counselling and psychotherapy in supporting the nation through the coronavirus crisis has been backed by more than 10,000 people.

And we’ve received support from 19 professional bodies, providers and campaign groups, demonstrating a strong coalition behind our campaign.

Steve Mulligan, our Four Nations Lead, said: “We're grateful to all our members, supporters and campaign partners who have signed up to endorse the campaign to help us maximise the role of counselling during these most difficult times. 

"Our collective voice puts real power behind our call for all the Governments of the UK to better support our therapists to continue their vital role on the front line of this epidemic, and to help vulnerable people and communities as we move through the crisis and beyond."

If you haven’t had the opportunity to add your voice to the campaign, please help us join the growing number of supporters by signing the petition.

Our campaign, launched with UKCP and BPC, calls on the Government to adopt three new policy proposals:

  • Working with us to ensure there is a workforce to deliver a comprehensive mental health response to the crisis.
  • Tackling labour market barriers.
  • Signposting the public to the very best mental health support.

We wrote to the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock MP, and relevant Health and Mental Health Ministers across each nation of the UK to reaffirm the critical role counselling and psychotherapy needs to play in helping to support people through the crisis, and afterwards as part of the important effort to rebuild. You can read the letter here.

We’ve received commitments from politicians across the four nations to make representations on our behalf to their respective Government or Executive, as well as offers to table parliamentary questions and to sign and share the petition.

Please contact our Policy Team if you would like to be an organisational supporter by emailing PublicAffairs@bacp.co.uk

Sign the petition.