Advice for clients on therapy during the pandemic

Can I see my therapist face to face?

Many of our members are now offering online or phone therapy on an ongoing basis, but others will be discussing with clients the potential for a return to face to face working.

Their decision whether or not to do so will be based on a range of considerations.

Counselling services offering face to face sessions are legally required to carry out a thorough risk assessment in accordance with government guidance.

If you have concerns about online or phone therapy, it’s important that you discuss returning to face to face therapy with your therapist. While face to face therapy may not always be an option, your therapist can work with you to understand how to address your concerns.

Can I see my therapist outside?

Outdoor therapy includes a specific range of mental health interventions that take place outside. A therapist needs specific knowledge and skills to work in this way, which you may want to discuss with your therapist or consider when looking for a therapist. An outdoor therapist is trained to consider the differences of working outside and can help you establish if this type of therapy is suitable for your individual needs.

Outdoor therapists also need to consider government guidance regarding social distancing and travel, and whether offering remote therapy is a suitable alternative. If you have any concerns about how you continue with therapy, it's important that you discuss these with your therapist.

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