If I'm short of the required 450 hours over a six-year period, will you extend the duration of the accreditation qualifying period to account for the practice hours lost during lockdown?

If you have a shortfall over a six-year period directly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, we’ll consider accepting applications where the practice hours are accumulated over a slightly longer period. We’ll need to see your diary of practice and how many hours you’ve accumulated before the pandemic.

Find out more about placement and training requirements 

If you completed your course in 2020-21 (during the pandemic restrictions), flexibilities on the limits of online teaching delivery and remote placement hours will remain in place. 

If you’re considering or currently applying for accreditation, you’ll need to meet our usual supervision requirement of 1.5 hours a month. We relaxed this requirement between 23 March and 1 October 2020 due to the lockdown restrictions.

You may wish to consider alternatives, such as peer supervision, if your usual supervision arrangement isn’t possible. We ask that members use their professional judgment when considering what supervisory support they need.

Please see our guidance on supervision for further information.

I'm seeing a reduced number of clients; can I reduce my supervision?

The same applies as in the previous question. We ask members to use their professional judgment on what level of supervisory support they need. You will need to meet the 1.5 hours a month requirement. 

Can I replace individual supervision with peer supervision during this situation?

If your usual individual supervision arrangements aren’t currently possible, you may wish to consider peer supervision as a temporary alternative or addition. This is a valid form of supervision for experienced therapists, but it's important you assess whether your supervision arrangements are ‘appropriate’. For example, peer supervision alone is not recommended for trainees and is unlikely to be sufficient for newly qualified therapists.


My course (core training) moved online due to coronavirus. You state that online or distance learning is not acceptable for accreditation; is this the case here?

We understand that the current restrictions mean teaching face to face wasn't always possible during the pandemic so we were flexible with the usual requirement. We’ll accept teaching being continued in a live online format while training periods are impacted by the pandemic for membership and accreditation purposes. Please see our student FAQs for more details.