In accordance with the Government guidelines, many of our staff will be working from home over the next few months. While we're doing all we can to maintain our member services, this will affect how you can contact us. 

Please check below for details of each team's plans during the outbreak. We'll update this page if the situation changes. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Customer services

Customer service lines will now be open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Thursday. As we have a reduced number of advisors to take your call,  please email your query to and we'll respond as soon as possible.

You can find answers to many of members' most common queries on our Contact us page.


We understand this is an incredibly challenging time and you’re looking for answers to best support your clients, your practice, yourself and your loved ones. At the moment we’re receiving a very high number of ethical queries and unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to give individual responses.

Instead we’re focusing on collating your queries and will be updating our FAQ pages and resources regularly so we can give you all answers and support. In the meantime, if you’re struggling to make a decision about your practice, refer to our online guidance and our ethical decision making resources, and consult with your supervisor.

You may also find it helpful to see what conversations are taking place in our Facebook community as other members may have suggestions relevant to your query.

We're currently working additional FAQs for:

  • online working
  • counselling services online
  • working with children and young people online


If you have any membership queries, you may be able to find an instant answer online on our membership page or FAQs. You'll still be able to update your personal details or renew your membership online in the usual way.

We've a reduced number of membership staff in the office available to take calls, so if you do need to contact us please email We'll answer all emails as soon as possible with a full response. Please send any information relating to membership applications, renewals or reinstatement via email rather than post.

Membership cards

Unfortunately our supplier is unable to complete our membership cards order due to coronavirus. We'll ensure that anyone who doesn't get a card will receive one as soon as the supplier reopens. Members can download a letter to confirm their membership and registration or accreditation certificates from your account dashboard on this website. Clients and employers can verify a member's registered status on the Register.

Overseas mailings

There are some postal delays for our overseas mailings, such as Therapy Today. You can access the latest edition of each journal online.


For the foreseeable future the most secure way to submit your individual or senior accreditation application is via email to Please don’t include payment details when emailing your application - you can call us on 01455 883304 to make payments over the phone.

All supporting documentation, including your proposer statement and supervisor report, can also be emailed to us. Please make sure your membership number is on the form.

The accreditation team is happy to answer queries via email and provide the usual level of support during the application process.