“I would use the word special to describe how it feels being part of an association that believes strongly in the abilities of counselling.”

Chloe Hughes


"Being with the client on their journey. It is a privilege to empower another to flourish whilst also growing and developing yourself as a counsellor."

Emma Brand


“It's really rewarding to go through a process with someone that takes them from a difficult place to ending counselling smiling and in control.”

Armele Hughes

“Counselling enriches individual lives and the common life of society.”

John Eatock

"... I feel I have grown within an amazingly diverse and developing profession; it has given me so many opportunities as well as friends for life."

Jean Sawyer

Join in the celebration of counselling

Tell us what you think is the most rewarding thing about being a counsellor or what being a counsellor means to you.

You can:

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We’ll be sharing your stories throughout our communications over the next few months.