Members of BACP Coaching division have recorded a series of videos answering some of the most common questions they're asked about coaching.

In these videos, they answer the question ... "Describe your journey from coach to therapist or therapist to coach".

Joanne Wright

Joanne is a senior accredited coach, counsellor and mediator who has a 25-year background in organisational and leadership development and specialises in supporting people through complex stressful situations at work.

She is an executive member of the BACP Coaching division and as well as her own private practice and working as an associate for a number of organisations.

Val Watson

Val is a coach, psychotherapist and organisational consultant, with extensive experience of working with leaders in higher education, as well as public and community work groups.

Claire Hornsby

Claire has been a BACP member since training as a therapist in the UK more than 10 years ago. She currently lives in the USA, with a private practice as a therapeutic life coach. She supports the growing number of dual practitioners as one of the facilitators of the Coaching Networking Group and as a Champion for the BACP Communities of Practice platform: "Bringing Coaching and Therapy Together".

Lucy Myers

An integrative psychotherapist and accredited executive coach for individuals and teams, Lucy's therapeutic coaching approach to supporting clients combines the healing empowerment of counselling and psychotherapy with the solutions-focused energy of coaching.

Trish Kill

Trish is an experienced, accredited executive coach and BACP registered counsellor, working with individuals, businesses and charities, while also a BACP journal contributor.

Karen Ledger

Karen’s executive coaching, supervision and therapy practice is underpinned by the person-centred philosophy of empathy, honesty and respect. She aims to provide an environment for people to self-explore and find their skill and expertise.