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Joan Hall

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Therapist - London

London NW10
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I am currently available for online (via zoom) and telephone work.

My schedule for sessions are: 

Monday ( 5 - 6 pm)

Tuesday ( 6pm - 7 pm)

Wednesday (9am -12pm, 3- 6pm)

Thursday    ( 9am-2pm)

Friday ( 9am - 12pm, 3-6pm)

About me and my therapy practice

Hello, my name is Joan. I was born in Jamaica and came to live in the UK at the age of nine. I am a qualified Integrative/Relational Psychotherapist. I am experienced in delivering, face-to-face, online and telephone counselling and psychotherapy work.

I believe my superpower is empathy and one who is highly intuitive. My work is focused on my clients, and as such I am fully present thereby experiencing their story and walking with them as they journey through work being done on themselves. Appreciative when witnessing them unfolding from caterpillars into butterflies, lion cubs into roaring adult lions, or soaring on wings like eagles.

I approach my work with clients in a relational and integrative manner, highly empathic, and warm. Meaning, that the interventions offered are strengthened by Psychodynamic, Humanistic and person-centred theories and here-and-now applications, whichever modality applies to the client being worked with.

I am interested in early childhood experiences as I believe this is where core significant life events take place, and they play out in adult life while lying dormant in the unconscious. My interest allows me to journey with the client as their unconscious begins to take shape into the subconscious with their experiences thereby presenting their story a voice and meaning. The space I provide for clients is safe, open to all, unbiased, confidential, and non-judgemental. The client is at liberty to make that space theirs for the time being spent in work with me.

I have collaborated on various presenting issues with many clients including anxiety, sexual, physical, emotional and mental abuse, suicidal ideation, depression, anger, low self-esteem, self-harm, and clients going through grief and bereavement. Currently, I work with bereaved clients as well as clients bringing non bereaved issues and with Place2Be, counselling children in a primary school setting.

Practice description

As a dedicated and compassionate counsellor, I bring a unique blend of theological insights and professional training to support individuals through their emotional journeys. With a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Theology and Counselling from London School of Theology twinned with Middlesex University, I am well-equipped to provide holistic guidance that acknowledges both the psychological and spiritual dimensions of personal growth.

My expertise lies in helping individuals navigate the challenging terrain of bereavement, grief, and loss. I have undergone specialised training to provide sensitive and empathetic support during times of deep sorrow and transition. I understand the complexity of emotions that accompany such experiences and work tirelessly to create a safe space where healing can unfold.

In addition to my expertise in grief counselling, I have honed my skills in working with children and young people (CYP) through my association with Place2Be. This experience has given me valuable insights into the unique needs and communication styles of young minds, allowing me to connect with them on a profound level.

I am a proud Registered Member of both the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC), and also a member of Black African Asian Therapy Network (BAATN). These memberships reflect my commitment to ethical and professional standards in the field of counselling. Currently working towards accreditation, I am dedicated to continuous learning and growth, ensuring that I provide the highest quality support to those who seek my guidance.

I believe that every individual's journey is sacred, and my mission is to provide unwavering support as they navigate life's challenges. If you're seeking a counsellor who understands the intersection of spirituality and psychology, and who is devoted to helping you find healing and meaning, I am here to accompany you on your path.

My first session

The first session with a counselling client is a pivotal moment, marked by both anticipation and curiosity. It's a space where the journey towards healing and growth begins, and as a counsellor, my role is to create a safe and nurturing environment where clients can open up, explore their thoughts and emotions, and begin the process of self-discovery.

During this initial meeting, the focus is on building a foundation of trust and rapport. The assessment phase is crucial, as it allows me to gain insight into the client's presenting concerns, their background, and their emotional landscape. I'll delve into their personal history, experiences, and challenges that have led them to seek counselling. This process not only provides me with valuable information but also signals to the clients that their experiences are valid and worthy of exploration.

In the first session, the counselling contract is discussed. This includes establishing clear boundaries, discussing confidentiality, and setting expectations for the therapeutic relationship. This contract helps create a framework for the counselling process, ensuring that both the client and I are on the same page and understand the guidelines that will govern our interactions.

The first session is also an opportunity for both the client and me to gauge compatibility. It's a chance for the client to experience my counselling style, my approach, and my demeanour. Likewise, I will see their communication preferences and how they engage with the therapeutic process. This mutual exploration allows us to determine whether I’m the right fit for their therapeutic journey.

As I engage in this initial session, the importance of active listening, empathy, and non-judgment is paramount. The client might be feeling vulnerable and apprehensive, so my ability to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere will significantly impact their willingness to open up.

Firm collaboration and trust being built sets the tone for the counselling relationship. 

What I can help with

Abuse, Addictions, Anxiety, Autism spectrum, Bereavement, Child related issues, Chronic fatigue syndrome / ME, Depression, Disability, Eating disorders, Identity issues, LGBTQ+ counselling, Loss, Menopause, Men's issues, Obsessions, OCD, Phobias, Post-traumatic stress, Relationships, Self esteem, Self-harm, Sexual identity, Sexuality, Spirituality, Stress, Substance Dependency, Trauma, Women's issues, Work related issues

Types of therapy

Existential, Gestalt, Humanistic, Integrative, Interpersonal, Person centred, Play therapy, Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic, Relational, Transpersonal

Clients I work with

Adults, Children, EAP, Older adults, Young people

How I deliver therapy

Long term sessions, Online therapy, Short term sessions, Telephone therapy

Languages spoken