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Kayley Roberts

Registered Member MBACP (Accredited)

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I believe in transparency, therefore I would like to inform you that my private practice session times are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at the following times:


Once you book in, your session slot will be the same time and day each week. Due to availability, I am currently unable to offer fortnightly sessions.

About me and my therapy practice

Mae cwnsela ar gael drwy’r Gymraeg.

About my practice:

Have you been feeling stressed, low, or unlike your 'usual' self? Has the past been circling around in your head? Have you been made to feel your issues are something others just won't understand? If so, then you may benefit from working with me.

I work with the person, not the issue. This means whatever you bring to therapy will be processed within the context of your life and your unique emotional responses.

I understand that many of our issues have wider socio-economic factors such as sexism, climite crisis, unemployment, fat phobia, political unrest, and many other factors, and we will also discuss the wider context of your issues within the therapy space. You are not the problem, and I do not rely on things like 'self-care' or homework sheets in order to try and resolve trauma. I also avoid using common 'therapy speak', which you may hear a lot of on social media recently.

I work a lot with people who are:


Practicing ethical non-monogamy

Survivors of domestic/sexual abuse


Experiencing discrimination such as racism, ablism, or transphobia

Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

The above may not be the cause of your issues, but rather aspects of your identity which you hope a therapist will understand. With me, you will experience open, non-judgemental therapy where you can be yourself, and where you may use terminology specific to your community without then needing to explain yourself.

The issues you bring may vary, but may likely include feelings of panic, sadness, or being overwhelmed. Whatever the case, don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your specific needs. I welcome clients from all backgrounds.

About me:

I am an Accredited counsellor. This is the highest standard awarded by the BACP and I am very proud to uphold this, and will continue to work hard and do the best for my clients.

I graduated from the University of Chester with a Distinction in Clinical Counselling at masters level.

Practice description

I offer Person Centred talking therapy, which gives you 50 minutes each week to explore your emotions in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Counselling takes time, on average 6-12 weeks, but everyone is different and we will go at your pace. There are no quick fixes or coping techniques in life, however the act of talking about, feeling, and processing your emotions will enable you to move forward from them, rather than avoid them, as you may have been doing now in order to cope day to day.

Each year I continue to develop my practice, by attending courses and workshops, as well as online training and research, to ensure I have the latest knowledge and information.

In 2020 I focused my research on antiracism issues as it is my belief that white counsellors unwilling to do this work, are not ethically safe to work with BAME clients, even if they do not bring up issues of race or racism within the counselling space.

In 2021 I continued this work by focusing on the gender binary and how it perpetuates racist stereotypes, and is harmful to both men, women, and anyone outside or between these binaries.

In 2022 I am focusing my research on exploring messages learned in childhood, which are now harmful to our adult selves, perhaps causing feelings of shame and guilt.

I am especially knowledgable about LGBTQI+ issues, and issues around sexual abuse, however you are welcome to explore any issues you like in my therapy space.

If you’d like any information not listed here, please do get in touch. Clients must be 18 or over, as the way I work is not always effective for younger people while the emotional part of the brain is still developing and self-identity is still forming.

I am still offering online and telephone sessions, however I am also able to offer face-to-face sessions in my counselling room which has been made as covid-safe as possible.

My first session

During our first session, I will explain to you the way in which we will be working together. It is very straight forward, but I use this as an opportunity to ease you into the session, and I find it helps clients to relax if they do not have to sit down and talk straight away. After we have agreed on the way we will be working, I usually start by asking you to tell me a little bit about why you are here.

Quite often, clients give me a lot of information in the first session, and I may not talk much. You will probably have been holding onto things for a long time, and want to get them off your chest as quickly as possible. This is understandable, and I give this space to you, so that you can focus on yourself and the issues which have brought you to therapy.

After the initial session, we will usually go back over this information more slowly, focusing on areas which have not yet been processed, as we work through your therapy together.

What I can help with

Abuse, Anxiety, Cultural issues, Depression, Identity issues, LGBTQ+ counselling, Self esteem, Sexual identity, Sexuality, Stress, Trauma, Vegan allied

Types of therapy

Person centred

Clients I work with

Adults, Older adults, Trainees, Young people

How I deliver therapy

Long-term face-to-face work, Online therapy, Short-term face-to-face work

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