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We do not specify how many hours of supervision all members should have as different members will have different needs. You should have sufficient supervision to allow all aspects of your work to be discussed as necessary, and to enable you to develop a constructive relationship with your supervisor.

The only exceptions are: 

  • Students and members who want the hours to count towards accreditation - now or in the future - must have a minimum of 1.5 hours of supervision a month. 
  • Accredited and Senior Accredited Members who are seeing clients must have a minimum of 1.5 hours of supervision a month. 

Students on placements as part of a BACP-accredited course must have: 

  • one hour of supervision for every eight hours of client work
  • a minimum of 1.5 hours of supervision a month
  • supervision at least every two weeks  

Group supervision

If you receive group supervision, the amount of time you can record for accreditation depends on the number of people contracted to the group. The rule is: 

  • For groups of up to four – half the time allotted
    (so for two hours of supervision each member can claim one hour)
  • For groups of more than four – divide the amount of time by the number of people
    (so for two hours of supervision, a group of six can claim 20 minutes each) 

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