Alongside our grants for tender, the BACP research team can make a range of non-monetary, in-kind resources available to projects to support collaborative research contributing to the evidence base for counselling, psychotherapy or coaching. These resources can be applied for irrespective of whether researchers intend to apply for one or more of the research grants on offer. 

These include:  

  • administrative input  
  • project promotion and recruitment support  
  • research consultancy and methodological support  
  • practical research support  

For full details of the support available, please see our BACP research resource and input offering (pdf)

please see here. 

Application process

Stage 1: Preliminary contact

  1. Supply your project overview and the type or level of support requested to the BACP research team:
  2. We'll arrange a preliminary meeting with the project group
  3. Your request will be considered based on alignment with our research strategy, priorities, team capacity, knowledge, experience and skills. 

Stage 2: Written proposal

Following the preliminary evaluation, we'll ask you to prepare a written proposal outlining: 

  1. your proposed work, research questions, rationale and methods
  2. the alignment with BACP’s strategy and research priorities
  3. the research resources and input requested from BACP by time commitment, type (administrative input, project promotion, recruitment support, research consultancy, methodological support and practical research support) and proposed timeline

Stage 3: Decision 

  1. Your written proposal will be evaluated within the BACP research team and, in some cases, BACP’s research committee to determine strategy alignment and impact on team resource

 If you require any of this documentation in a different format, please contact outlining your requirements.