PhD or doctoral membership fee waiver scheme

Members who are currently registered on a PhD course in counselling and psychotherapy are invited to apply for our membership fee waiver scheme. This entitles you to one year’s free BACP membership. We have 36 free memberships available for this year.

You must apply annually, but you can apply for up to three years. These do not have to be consecutive as long as you are still registered on your course. You can apply at any time, so don’t wait until your membership renewal date.

To apply please complete the online fee waiver application form. As part of the application you'll need to upload a letter from your university confirming that you are currently studying for a PhD in counselling and psychotherapy.

If you have any questions about applying please contact

BACP new researcher award

Are you currently doing research as part of your training? Or have you completed a research project within the last 24 months?

Research that is relevant to practice is vitally important in our field. Don’t let your research sit on a shelf and gather dust. Share your work and let your contribution to counselling and psychotherapy be better known. Why not submit your research for the BACP new researcher award?

We're looking for submissions that demonstrate:

  • context for the research and relevance to the field of counselling and psychotherapy
  • clarity of research aims and research question
  • use of methods appropriate to the research question
  • discussion of ethical issues associated with the research
  • clear presentation of findings and results
  • discussion of findings linking to existing research and relevant theoretical frameworks
  • appropriate conclusions
  • contribution to knowledge
  • implications for counselling and psychotherapy practice

How to apply

The deadline for submissions for the 2022 award is midnight, Monday 1 November 2021. For full eligibility and submission guidelines go to the New Researcher Application (pdf 1.45KB). 

BACP outstanding research award

This annual award aims to:

  • reward excellence in counselling and psychotherapy research
  • increase awareness of the evidence base of counselling, psychotherapy and its guiding principles
  • improve the overall quality of counselling and psychotherapy research by example
  • encourage and inspire future research in counselling and psychotherapy


This award is open to anyone who has undertaken research into counselling and psychotherapy within the last three years (36 months). You may submit a paper that has already been published or an original paper.

It is not restricted to any particular methodology, group or setting, and entries can be submitted by an individual, a research team, or a researcher on behalf of an organisation. Or, you can nominate another party.

No award was made in 2021.

How to apply 

The deadline for submissions for the 2022 award is midnight, Monday 1 November 2021. For full eligibility and submission guidelines go to the Outstanding Research Application (Word).

CPCAB counselling research award

The CPCAB counselling research award is designed to raise awareness of research that has important implications for counselling training or practice. By publishing videos about the award-winning projects on the Counselling Channel, it aims to make research more accessible and engaging.

All relevant abstracts submitted to the BACP Research Conference are considered for this prestigious award from the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB).

How to apply

The deadline for applications for the 2022 award is midnight, Monday 1 November 2021 through the BACP Annual Research Conference submission process.  

PCCS Books student prize

This award aims to recognise excellence in counselling and psychotherapy research by an undergraduate or postgraduate student from submissions to the BACP Annual Research Conference. The winner will be selected from abstracts submitted to and accepted by the conference peer review group, in consultation with PCCS Books.

The award winner must present their research at the research conference. They will receive £250 in cash towards their expenses and £150 of PCCS book vouchers.

How to apply

The deadline for applications for the 2022 award is midnight, Monday 1 November 2021 through the BACP Annual Research Conference submission process 

PhD studentships

We occasionally provide financial support for students undertaking part-time PhD research on counselling and psychotherapy. Unfortunately we’re not able to run a studentship competition in the 2020 to 2021 academic year.