The deadline for applications has now passed. Details of how to apply for the 2024 grants will be online soon. 

Our secondary data analysis grants are intended to support high-quality, ethical research contributing to the evidence base for counselling, psychotherapy or coaching in order to gain maximum research impact from existing data. 

Secondary data analysis refers to research undertaken on known and existing valuable datasets.  

We're supporting grants up to £30,000 per project and we also welcome applications for smaller amounts. Projects funded under this stream would not typically be expected to last longer than 24 months unless they include funding for a PhD.

Research proposals may include:  

  • supporting PhD funding, this should be supplemented with funding offered by another partner for at least 50% of the total value
  • researcher or team funding in institutions - this includes a researcher or team based within an institution or working collaboratively with researchers from other institutions. Projects must have a primary focus on counselling, psychotherapy or coaching research, however they may be international, multi-disciplinary and include partners from outside the field

Eligibility criteria 

Projects under this funding stream must:

  • exploit existing data resources relevant to counselling, psychotherapy and/or coaching 
  • be led by a UK-based partner who has access to a formal research ethics committee 
  • clearly demonstrate that the project team has the necessary skills and experience to be able to successfully deliver on the project
  • sit within the BACP definition of client-focussed research in counselling, psychotherapy and/or coaching
  • demonstrate clear alignment with BACP’s organisational strategy and research priorities
  • appropriately involve people with lived experience (PLE) of counselling/psychotherapy/coaching throughout the research process (i.e., not simply as research participants).  

For full details of the application process and eligibility criteria, please see our BACP Secondary Data Analysis Grant Funding (pdf)

How to apply 

The deadline for applications has now passed. 

All applications will be reviewed by our independent grants peer review panel and you can read our BACP Secondary Data Analysis Grants Application Score Template (Word). 

Please note: In the awarding of a research grant, the arising intellectual property rights developed with the grant funding will be owned exclusively by the grant holder, however they will grant an exclusive licence, in perpetuity, to BACP to use the arising intellectual property for non-commercial purposes. Under no circumstances, will any commercial use of the arising intellectual property by allowed by either party.