Why do you think the framework is important?

I feel that as a profession we need to bring training into a better structure. As a supervisor I’ve worked with many student counsellors and I’m constantly surprised at the differences between courses. Whilst difference does bring individuality, I’m concerned that some areas are wildly different e.g. whether students should be required to have personal therapy as part of their training.

Personally, I’d also like to see clarification of the titles ‘Counsellor’ and ‘Psychotherapist’. I believe the general public and other health professionals understand the difference between a student, qualified and accredited practitioner, but the counsellor and psychotherapist titles are not clear at all.

Do you support the aims of the framework?

In general, yes.

What is your understanding of how the framework will benefit members?

For me, I think the framework will ultimately clarify job titles and provide a better structure for counselling training.

Are there any aspects of the framework you’re concerned about?

The framework doesn’t appear to allow for those who have practised for some time and are knowledgeable and experienced and haven’t pursued accreditation. I fear for a hierarchy of titles.

What I would really like to see is a national system of regulation. I accept that regulation is a political agenda but I see it as vital if counselling is to come in line with other health professions. The fact that it’s still possible for Joe or Josephine Bloggs to set themselves up as a counsellor with little or no training is terrible.

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