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Leading the way
Divisional news, including updates from BACP’s CYPF Lead Jo Holmes and Chairs Maggie Robson and Sue Pattison

A round-up of the latest findings and policy updates affecting CYPF

Personal critiques of new books


The end of a training

"Completing a training is a tiny part of what makes us practitioners, itself marking the beginning of a whole new journey."

Spotlight on… training, Sue Kegerreis

The body

"I felt a pressing need to be with him in person. I leaned into my laptop, craning my neck, seeing us both alone in our separate little windows."

Spotlight on... counselling, Lucy-Jean Lloyd

Containing the containers

"...being an effective container is an odd mixture of things. On the one hand, it requires a solid presence... On the other, if the containment is to be authentic, then it needs to be porous."

Spotlight on… supervision, Ryan Lowe