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Leading the way
Divisional news, including updates from BACP’s CYPF Lead Jo Holmes and BACP CYPF Executive Committee chair Emma Davies

A round-up of the latest findings and policy updates affecting CYPF

Personal critiques of new books


Counselling on the agenda

"We are keen to identify training needs … and want to encourage divisional members to let us know what’s missing … we will be looking to create new ways for young people to have a voice within BACP and across the profession"

From the Chair, Emma Davies

Doing training their way

"Each student has a complex individual connection to the training"

Training, Sue Kegerreis


"For some young people (and adults), a fear of the unknown, of not being in control and not being able to test out new situations, means they struggle with transitions"

Counselling, Linda-Jayne Elliott

The supervision umbrella

"What I have found myself reflecting on recently is how supervisors, used to working with counsellors, can best adapt our skills to support those who fall outside of our usual services"

Supervision, Elizabeth Holt