Sally Brown

We are a profession of helpers, so it’s no surprise we have rushed to offer our services pro bono to support NHS staff. But when we volunteer our services for free, are we sabotaging our own profession? And, as Nicola Banning, author of our ‘Learnings from Lockdown’ feature explores, the issue of whether free counselling is either needed or appropriate is a complex one. Don’t miss her hard-hitting report.

Another highlight of this issue for me is Catherine Jackson’s interview with Emmy van Deurzen on the existential crisis that we are sharing on a national and international level. She also offers her insights into how clients will be impacted by the current uncertainty, both in the here and now and the long term. Don’t miss that.

I am also delighted to bring you a heartfelt account of finding meaning after loss, written by David Kessler, the US grief specialist who worked with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross on her famous books about grief. He describes how no amount of knowledge prepared him for the impact of the sudden death of his 21-year-old son. But through his experience of surviving more pain than he ever thought imaginable, he offers valuable insights both for practitioners and for anyone personally dealing with loss.

It has been a great privilege to work on this issue for you and, as ever, I welcome your feedback. Do get in touch at sally.brown@thinkpublishing.co.uk

Sally Brown, Editor

Natalie Bailey

I’ve been deeply moved by the fact that so many of our members have taken the time to write to us and call us to commend our response to this crisis.

Many of you have expressed your gratitude for the support made available at this challenging time, and you have also responded to the recent membership survey in volumes to tell us what we can do to help you with your practice and to continue working.

As a direct result of your feedback, we have launched a successful campaign that aims to reaffirm the critical role counselling and psychotherapy play in supporting the nation through the coronavirus crisis. We’ve also been able to provide free CPD and resources on the topics that you told us matter most, such as how to move your practice online, supervision in times of crisis and the importance of your own self-care.

This feedback is all the more encouraging as it aligns with our recently launched strategy that focuses on membership engagement. It’s one thing to update members on our many exciting initiatives, but it is of vital importance to allow the space for discussions so you can tell us what you need, and that we can ensure that we are supporting you in the right way.

Natalie Bailey, BACP Chair


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