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Thresholds articles often examine how to be a spiritual or faith-led practitioner working in a therapeutic context. In this issue, Sukhi Sian discusses introducing a spiritual component to her work as service manager for an organisation supporting survivors of sexual violence. She talks us through ethical considerations and highlights key practical questions to consider.

In Conversations, Kathryn Lock-Giddy considers the role spirituality can play when working with university students. She notes that a person’s beliefs can ‘sit at an intersection’ with other aspects of identity and highlights how helpful it can be to ‘create a non-judgmental’ space to explore that.

Indeed, many practitioners recognise that providing clients with a safe environment in which to talk about belief is important. Chaplain, Philip Evans, who once worked at Whitehall developing performance measurement for expenditure at the Department of Energy, set about demonstrating the value of this. He shares the spirituality outcomes measure he designed for his work with patients at a mental health charity.

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Amy McCormack

Amy McCormack, Editor, Thresholds

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