Our aims

We work to:

  • increase awareness of the relevance and importance of spirituality in helping relationships
  • promote standards of good practice in working with spirituality
  • encourage dialogue within BACP and between different spiritualities, beliefs and faith communities
  • provide a forum where people of differing beliefs and backgrounds can meet, debate, discuss, share and be enriched by the experience
  • offer support to explore spiritual development to those who seek to integrate a spiritual perspective into their work and other aspects of their lives
  • represent spirituality, beliefs and pastoral care within BACP
  • contribute to research in the field of spirituality in relation to counselling and psychotherapy

Spirituality encompasses belief, faith, religion and other ways in which we might experience deeper connection to and appreciation of self, 'Other' and environment.

About us

Meet our executive and share their vision and aims for the division.


Our quarterly professional journal takes an inclusive approach to spirituality to represent the diversity of its readership. Articles include personal and professional experiences and perspectives, exploration and discussion, research, and projects demonstrating learning and good practice.

Publications and resources

Useful resources covering all aspects of spirituality (members only)

Networks and events

Forthcoming events for BACP Spirituality members.

Communities of Practice

A community forum for therapists and students working with clients with spiritual and existential beliefs. Discussions may intersect with other counselling themes. Training and supervision topics are welcome.

To contact BACP Spirituality please email bacp@bacp.co.uk