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Special focus
The fifth wave: beyond the mainstream (free article)
Mike Moss explores a possible new evolutionary direction for therapy

Embodied spirituality – a psycho-spiritual approach to healing trauma
Biggi Hofmann and Juanita Puddifoot describe how to ground spiritual resources in the therapeutic setting

Together, communities can defeat terrorism
Sean Arbuthnot, Prevent co-ordinator at St Philip’s Centre, Leicester, talks to Amanda Anderson about his approach to tackling extremism

Reflections on being a counsellor and supervisor
Julie Davies explores life post retirement

Spiritual trauma – the forgotten wound?
Maureen Slattery-Marsh and Gillie Jenkinson report on a conference on spiritual trauma

What does spirituality mean to you in your work?
Kirsten Davenport shares her perspective


From the chair
Maureen Slattery-Marsh

Cover of Thresholds July 2018

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Editorial: Riding the waves

Learning to adapt and change is a vital part of being a counsellor and therapist

On a recent visit to Cornwall, I stood on a cliff path, watching waves near Land’s End. The sea was pretty rough and I was impressed by the changes of colour as the waves came to the shore: beautiful shades of green and blue, mixed with white. I live in one of the UK’s most landlocked cities, so taking time to be by the sea helps me gain perspective.

Jack Kornfield, an American Buddhist teacher, describes a poster showing Swami Satchidananda, a Hindu guru, riding waves on a surfboard while doing a yoga pose.1 Learning to live with change and impermanence is something we all have to do, and our spiritual practices may be part of that learning. I have never tried to surf, but I enjoyed watching the surfers riding the waves.

In our lives as counsellors and therapists we need to adapt to changing circumstances. New approaches to counselling and therapy arise and we need to make decisions about whether those approaches are relevant to us and have something to teach us. Our profession is constantly evolving and growing. It feels like a good time to reflect on what spirituality means to us personally and as a group, and I hope this issue of Thresholds will offer you some useful reflections.

As a way of encouraging reflection on relevant, current issues, I have introduced a new feature in this issue, focusing on spirituality in the news. I hope you will enjoy reflecting upon the items I have chosen.

Amanda Anderson


1. (accessed 21 June 2018).