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News from BACP
A summary of current issues and opportunities in our sector

Profile: Jo Ames
A counsellor at the University of Wolverhampton, Jo Ames reflects on her career to date – and possible future pathways

Book reviews


Backdrop of uncertainty

Mark Fudge

"We undertake our work against a backdrop of uncertainty for the sector and, indeed, for the country."

Notes from the Chair, Mark Fudge

Interesting times

Mary Jones

" really is incumbent on us to make the best of our resources and try to harness any energy..."

Notes from Colleges, Mary Jones

Urgent complexity

Anne Bentley

"Being alive in the ‘now’ of 2020 feels complex..."

Notes from HUCS, Anne Bentley

SCORE update

Afra Turner

"UKCP granted us £13,000 for the sole purpose of training interested university counselling services"

Notes from research SIG, Afra Turner