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Sky Gallery

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Garrard suite

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Additional content

Online only pre-recorded video content

8.15 to 8.45am Registration, poster and exhibition viewing
8.45 to 9.05am Welcomes: Natalie Bailey (BACP Chair), Clare Symons (BACP Head of Research), Faisal Mahmood (Birmingham Newman University), Alistair Ross (University of Oxford)
9.05 to 9.50am

Keynote presentation: Vanessa Pinfold
How lived experience expertise can shape mental health research: exploring concepts and practices.

10.00 to 10.30am

Research Paper
Stuart Gore & Emily Dove
Ethical considerations in the use of AI in Counselling and Psychotherapy Training: A student stakeholder perspective.

Research Paper
Charlie Duncan
Working with goals in school-based humanistic counselling with young people: outcomes of a feasibility trial.

Research Paper
Carl Flynn
From Police Officer to Therapist: a
phenomenological inquiry into the experiences of those transitioning from a career in policing to counselling/psychotherapy.

Robert Scruggs & Sally Lumsdaine
Establishing and managing training and research clinics - Experiences of the TRaCCs consortium.

Research Paper
Samantha Banbury & Amanda Visick
A preliminary RCT looking at the impact of state-mindful self-compassion on sexual function post-breast cancer treatments.
Research Paper
Nicole Samuel
Disclosing Racial Trauma in Psychological Therapies: Exploring the Experiences of Racially Minoritised People in the UK.
Research Paper
Emma Perris & Chloe Hird
Supporting the Wellbeing of Helping Professionals through Creative Interventions.




10.40 to 10.55am

Research Paper
Elise Ferguson
Counselling Clients in Financial Hardship – making things better by listening to clients.


Lightning Talk
Sedanur Caydı & Zehra Erşahin
A Grounded Theory Approach to Grief Processes of Parents with Sudden Child Loss.

Christopher Steed
The Devalued self - forms of social experience.



Lightning Talk
Rhiannon Rees
Eating Disorders and Psychosomatic Countertransference: Integrative Psychotherapist’s lived Experiences.

11.00 to 11.15am

Lightning Talk
Kate Ashley
Taking myself seriously: an exploration of illness
beliefs, empathy and the capacity for change.

Lightning Talk
Sid Good
Attending to Gender: How therapist’s experiences of their own gender identity inform therapeutic

11.15 to 11.35am Refreshment, poster and exhibition viewing
11.35am to 12.05pm Research Paper
Imogen Harries
A Good Fit. What experienced secondary school-based counsellors require from their supervision: a situational analysis of practitioners' description of best practice.
Fevronia Christodoulidi & Paul Galbally
‘Living the Curriculum’: adopting personalised learning pedagogies towards honouring the lived experience of trainee counsellors.
Research Paper
Alexis Caught & Michael Yates
Beyond Sex Addiction, from Judgement to Compassion: A phenomenological study of group treatment for compulsive sexual behaviour to identify positive mechanisms of change.


Naomi Moller, Laura Viliardos, Andreas Vossler, Kevin Hogan, Mark Holland & Colette Lewis

Research consortiums as research facilitators: the example of TRaCCs.

Research Paper
Charlie Duncan
Working with goals in school-based humanistic counselling with young people: outcomes of a feasibility trial.
Research Paper
Jenny O'Donnell
Peer support interventions for care home staff: a scoping review.
Research Paper
George Salaminios
The empirical rationale for applying mentalization-based therapies (MBT) to the treatment of emerging psychosis.
12.15 to 12.45pm Research Paper
Gary Tebble
Co-Creation: Developing an adapted model of pluralistic counselling with Boys with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD).
Research Paper
Wei Feng
Preoccupied attachment style and Chinese international student adjustment in the UK: A qualitative exploration.
12.55 to 1.10pm Lightning Talk
Jo Leather
“That looks cringe.” Designing a psychotherapy research study with and about young people.
Lightning Talk
Ann-Marie Wilson
The marginalisation of psychological contact.
1.10 to 2.10pm Lunch
2.10 to 3.10pm Keynote Discussion: Andrew Reeves, Naomi Moller, Michael Barkham, Divine Charura, Lynne Gabriel, John McLeod, Kate Smith
The role of BACP in maximising the potential of counselling and psychotherapy research in the UK
3.10 to 3.30pm Refreshments
3.30 to 4.00pm Research Paper
John Wilson, Lynne Gabriel & Pauline Straw
The disenfranchised grief in members of a culturally diverse support group bereaved by COVID-19.
Stella Duffy
Getting out of the way to get to the heart: finding creativity and poetry in writing our research.
Nicola Blunden, Andrew Reeves, Mhairi Thurston, Sophia Balamoutsou, Julia McLeod & Elise Ferguson
The amazing potential of trans-disciplinary research.
Research Paper
Elizabeth Roxburgh
The lived experience of therapists who self-identify as HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).
Research Paper
Heather Dahl, Wendy Hoskins & Brett Gleason
The impact of clients experiencing suicidality on counsellor wellness.
Lightning Talk
Andrea Anastassiou
Exploring the experiences of experts by experience in mental health research: A scoping review.
Lightning Talk
Shaima Ahammed Thayyilayil
Counsellors’ Experiences of Hope When Working with Refugee Clients.
4.10 to 4.40pm Research Paper
Stephanie Carr
How do trainee integrative counsellors and psychotherapists make sense of heteronormative language within counselling training? An IPA approach.
4.40 to 4.45pm Conference close

This programme is subject to change and may be amended up to and including the event day. Please use this information as a guide for the research presentations available at the conference.

Research conference poster contributors 

Lidia Bhaskar, Sarah Craddock & Branimira Dineva
What difficulties, if any, have the parents of home-schooled children under 16 years of age experienced in seeking psychotherapeutic services for their children and can this inform the counselling/psychotherapeutic profession?

Ela Altin
The power processes involved in the construction of bilingual counsellors’ subjectivities in the UK.

Koo Kian Yong
The role of expressive art therapy and neurofeedback assessments in improving clinical hypnosis adherence among anxiety sufferers.

Rachel Kraftman, Patsy Winters & Sammy Thornhill
How do members of the Traveller community experience accessing counselling in the UK and what, if any, are the implications for psychotherapeutic practitioners?

Karen Foran
An interpretative phenomenological analysis of trauma focused counsellor’s experience of working with survivors of sex trafficking.

Ruxandra Anghel
Gen Z and the joy of living in times of crisis.

Julie Davies, Julie Prendergast, Lesley Tucker & Vincent Vincent
How do clients who identify themselves as fat experience the therapeutic alliance when their weight is introduced into the therapeutic frame and how can this further inform psychotherapy?

Olga Papadopoulou
Lived experiences of university students who access campus mental health support.

Kathleen Kwakye-Donkor & Joanna Omylinska-Thurston
Exploring narratives of black students' perceptions of helpful and unhelpful aspects of the Arts for the Blues workshops.