PCE-CfD is one of the psychological therapies recommended by IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) for the treatment of depression. It is a manualised model of practice devised for counsellors working in the IAPT programme.

It is taught as a short, intensive top up course for qualified therapists with in depth knowledge of person-centred and humanistic counselling theory.

The evidence-based competence framework was developed by BACP and forms the basis of the IAPT National Curriculum for PCE-CfD. BACP also develops the standards and administers the assessment process for the accreditation of PCE-CfD training courses.

The competence framework describes the knowledge and skills therapists need to use when working with this model. The competences are based on person-centred or experiential therapy.

PCE-CfD training and trainers

New training providers need to demonstrate that they have the skills and knowledge to teach PCE-CfD. Find out more about the application process for the accreditation of PCE-CfD training courses

BACP accredited training in PCE-CfD practice and supervision is offered by the following providers:

Please contact the training providers directly if you want further information about their PCE-CfD training programmes.

BACP competences and curricula

Our competences and curricula are based on the latest research evidence into effective practice. They can be used by practitioners, trainers, supervisors and services to ensure practitioners have the skills and knowledge needed to work in a particular setting, or with particular clients.

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