The toolkit includes standards, guidance and exemplar materials for counsellors and counselling services in Wales to enable counselling providers and schools to deliver services that are safe, accessible and of a high standard. It is available in English and Welsh.

Pecyn Cymorth Gweithredu Cwnsela Mewn Ysgolion or School-based Counselling Operating Toolkit (pdf 3.7MB) 

Masks and mirrors

This bi-lingual video tells the fictional stories of four young people and their experiences of school counselling. This can be used as a training tool or to raise awareness of the use and benefits of school counselling.


This sequel visits the four main characters six months later as they review their current situation and their experiences of school counselling. It can be used to show young people what counsellors do and how they can help with the difficulties young people face in today’s world.

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