Exploring The Experience Of Therapists Becoming First-Time Mothers

This study aims to shed light on the experiences of therapists becoming first-time mothers and returning to therapeutic work. 

Transition into motherhood is a complex and intense experience for women which includes many changes and requires quick adaptation. At the same time, being a therapist is a highly demanding profession. 

This study is interested in exploring the lived experience of women navigating both roles. This study is part of a thesis for the Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at the City, University of London and is intended to run until September 2025. 

Participants will be invited to attend a semi-structured interview which is expected to last 45-60 minutes. The interview will take place either in a private room at City University or remotely.  Twenty-pound Amazon vouchers will be offered to participants as an appreciation for offering their time. The receipt of the voucher will not affect your right to withdraw at any point. 

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) will be used to analyse the data, an approach that is concerned with trying to understand lived experiences and the meaning participants give to them. Therefore, participants will have the opportunity for their unique experience to be heard.

Although Counselling Psychology is a female-led profession and the importance of self-care and reflexivity are requirements of professional boards, there is limited research looking at what it is like for women to navigate both roles. Getting a better insight into women's experiences and needs throughout their transition to motherhood and return to therapeutic work could help therapists who are mothers get better support and become more reflective practitioners.

Please see the flyer here. For more information or to participate, please contact: Ioanna Kerasidou (Researcher) - ioanna.kerasidou@city.ac.uk / 07561390888