Whatever the setting, in the course of your counselling work, clients may disclose issues ranging from having downloaded child sexual abuse images, share fantasies or fears about sexually abusing a child or perhaps share a fear that they may go on to abuse linked to their own sexual trauma.  

Counsellors often contact BACP’s Ethics Hub to seek guidance on a full range of issues linked to harmful sexual behaviours whilst still working safely, legally and ethically within their practice.

This online event will offer counselling practitioners the opportunity to hear from the experts, to work from a place free from judgement and to safely explore risk within the therapeutic context.


This online event will begin at 9.30am on Thursday 21 March 2024 and conclude at approximately 1.00pm.

Working with harmful sexual behaviours programme.

Event aims 

  • To upskill the counselling and psychotherapy workforce with best practice evidence-based approaches when assessing risk when working with clients who present with harmful sexual thoughts or behaviours

Learning outcomes

  • How to work safely and effectively when harmful sexual thoughts and behaviours are shared through therapeutic work, this is inclusive of with children and young people and adults
  • Working with risk when intrusive thoughts are shared in therapy
  • A sound understanding of safeguarding, the law and knowing when to refer on
  • Gain a basic understanding of technology assisted harmful sexual behaviours and the impact this has on children and young people and on others
  • Guidance on best practice when working with clients who have been charged with sex offences
  • An understanding of specialist services available to support this work

Who is this for?

This event is aimed at all members, working in cross sector or private practice settings and is inclusive of both work with adults and children and young people.


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On-demand booking

After the event has finished you'll have access to the on-demand service for 3 months until Friday 21 June 2024.