How to apply

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions before you submit an application.

BACP Course accreditation - PCE-CfD training terms and conditions (pdf 0.2MB)

Stage 1 - application form

Please complete the PCE-CfD accreditation application form (docx 0.1MB)

This requires you to demonstrate that you meet the following criteria. Full details of the evidence required is given on the form.

The training provider must:

  1. be an organisational member of BACP on application and for the duration of the accreditation award
  2. ensure the majority of trainers delivering the programme are registered or accredited members of BACP or an equivalent register or professional body
  3. ensure its trainers adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions or equivalent
  4. ensure its trainers have the appropriate knowledge and skills to teach the PCE-CfD course being assessed
  5. have adequate staff and resources to deliver the course
  6. ensure the programme meets the requirements of the IAPT National Curriculum for the selection, training and supervision of counsellors in the IAPT programme
  7. adhere to IAPT student entry criteria and include assessment of readiness to practise
  8. ensure students are employed by named IAPT services (or agencies contracted to IAPT services) and have access to appropriate supervision before training begins
  9. ensure programme materials aimed at students make clear the course fees, the duration and contents of the taught programme, the practice and supervision arrangements, and any additional costs or curricula time required
  10. apply equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) policies in respect of student access and participation
  11. comply with all relevant health and safety legislation
  12. publish a course cancellation policy and contingency plan, available for prospective and enrolled students
  13. declare that the institution is financially sound
  14. publish a complaints procedure, available to prospective and enrolled students, with provision for an external and independent person to hear a complaint
  15. have a published GDPR policy and procedures, that demonstrates compliance with data protection and makes clear how security and privacy is protected and personal data managed

You must present your application in the required format, with all scanned copies and attachments of evidence clearly indexed. This will prevent delays in the assessment process. Please provide details of a named individual who will be the contact during the application process.

Payment should be made by BACS transfer, cheque, or credit or debit card by phone. Please email for details. 

We'll notify you in writing within one month of receiving your e-application if you're eligible to proceed to Stage 2. If you fail to meet the criteria, there is no right of appeal, but you may re-apply when you can fully meet all criteria.

Stage 2 - quality assurance visit

We'll arrange a quality assurance (QA) visit within one month of confirming your eligibility.

We'll send details of the visit programme and specific assessor requirements to the course contact in advance. The contact should provide directions, arrange transport or parking and make any other arrangements required for the visit. 

The purpose of the QA visit is to verify that:

  • the training programme adheres to the IAPT approved national curriculum, and specifically that it references teaching and learning to the PCE-CfD competence framework
  • the training programme can demonstrate the student’s attainment of the requisite knowledge and practice of PCE-CfD competences
  • the training environment provides appropriate teaching and learning resources, for example library, recording equipment and other support facilities to meet diverse  student needs

QA visit protocol (pdf 0.1MB)

Assessment outcomes

We will send you a decision report within four weeks of the QA visit. There are three possible outcomes:

  • Pass
    The programme fully meets the approved curriculum aims and learning outcomes and students attain high levels in PCE-CfD competences.

    We'll send a certificate confirming your accreditation, which is valid for three years. We'll also tell you how to download and use your trainer logos for course publicity and student certificate templates.

  • Pass with conditions
    The programme partly meets the approved curriculum aims and learning outcomes, but specific aims, modules or learning outcomes must be addressed before accreditation can be awarded. Failure to meet these conditions has implications for learner competence.

    We'll send you an action plan and agree a timescale for you to respond.

  • Does not meet the standard
    The training provider was unable to provide sufficient evidence of adherence to the approved curriculum and there was insufficient evidence of student attainment of PCE-CfD competences.

    You can appeal against this decision if you meet the requirements below, or you can apply again one year from the date of your original application.


If your application is unsuccessful, you can appeal if there is clear evidence that either:

  • the assessment was not conducted according to the published procedure
  • your application was not fairly and properly assessed against the published criteria for the scheme

Disagreeing with the assessors’ professional judgement is not grounds for an appeal.

There is no right of appeal against failure to meet Stage 1 eligibility criteria.

You must make your appeal to us within three months of the issue date of the decision report. Email Caroline Jesper, Head of Professional Standards at or send by post to: 

Caroline Jesper, Head of Professional Standards
BACP, BACP House, 15 St. Johns Business Park, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 4HB