Our online assessment allows you to take the CoP from your home or place of work, removing the time and cost of travelling to a local centre. However, to maintain the integrity and security of the CoP, you will be monitored throughout by a remote invigilator.

That means you will need to book onto a scheduled assessment.

You will need a pc or laptop with a webcam, microphone and speakers and internet connection. You can’t take the assessment on a tablet or mobile phone.

You must also take the assessment in a private and quiet room, where you will not be interrupted.

What our members say

I felt this was a very smooth and problem free process. I logged on without any issues and the invigilator came online very quickly ... I was very clear in what was expected of me in terms of sitting the test.

I place a high value on what Test Reach have put in place, it was simple to set up and everything went so well.  It saves on annual leave and undue travel and expense.

I found the exam process straight forward, from the invigilator checks and conducting the exam, again I found the sample paper helpful so I understood how to input information and the format of the exam. The webcam/web-chat system worked well when I had a query.

Before your assessment

You’ll receive an email with your log in details about three weeks before your booked assessment. This will come from TestReach, who are managing the online process for us.

Please log in as soon as you receive the email so that you can:

  • check your pc or laptop
    Run the automatic system check to ensure that your pc or laptop is fully compatible with TestReach system. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day or gives you time to make alternative arrangements.

  • take the test tutorial and sample case study
    This will allow you to familiarise yourself with the assessment system. You can take the sample case study as many times as you like – your answers will not be recorded

If you're about to take your assessment, you can find further information on the format of the case studies and how they are scored, in our Candidate guide. 

On the day

Before you log in, you must:

  • have photo ID available, such as a current passport or driving licence
  • remove any second computers, monitors or tablets from the room
  • clear your desk, shelves or wall boards of books, notes, post its or any other sources of information
  • put your mobile phone out of reach
  • ensure that no one else will enter the room

Please be ready to take the assessment around 20 to 30 minutes before the scheduled start so that you can log in and prepare. We won’t contact you to remind you if you are late or don’t ‘show up’.

You’ll be able to connect with the invigilator around 15 minutes before the start to begin the pre-validation checks. Once you’re connected, the invigilator will be able to see:

  • your screen
  • live video of you via the webcam
  • a chat box for messages between you

Authentication and validation process

The invigilator will guide you through the process to verify your identity and check that the testing area is secure. They will ask you to:

  • show your photo ID to the webcam
  • pan your monitor or camera around the room so they can get a 360o view
  • show your immediate workspace, including any shelves under your desk

If they see any unauthorised items, they will ask you to remove them.

Taking the test

The invigilator will confirm when you can start the assessment. They’ll be connected to you at all times and everything is recorded. If you have any questions, the invigilator will be able to help or will pass your queries onto us after the session.

You will have up to two hours to complete the six case studies in the assessment. Once you’ve done, you can click on the finish button to alert the invigilator. They’ll confirm that your assessment is complete and end the connection.

We review all assessments and will write to you with your results within four to five weeks.


If you are unable to take the assessment in this way, please email cop@bacp.co.uk to discuss alternative options.

"I was very nervous but the invigilator put me at ease.  This was important to me as normally we sit exams alongside other individuals and there is no-one to chat to afterwards.  However, as I embark in private practice, I think this experience is incredibly valuable."