Joining the Register

How do I join the Register?

When you join us as an individual member, you have 24 months to become a registered member.

There are two ways you can join the Register:

  1. Complete a BACP accredited course
    We will confirm whether your course was accredited. If it was, we will invite you to sign the online terms and conditions to join the BACP Register.

  2. Pass the Certificate of Proficiency
    If we confirm that your course was not BACP accredited, you will need to take our free CoP assessment.  

Booking a Certificate of Proficiency (CoP) assessment

(For further information, including a video guide and the candidate guide, see Certificate of Proficiency.) 

My course was not BACP accredited. How do I book on to a CoP and what does this involve?

You have 24 months to sit the CoP assessment which is available online through our system providers TestReach. The assessment is timed at 120 minutes and you can sit it up to three times.

You need to book onto a session - we're constantly adding more dates to the website. 

You can also read our guide to the assessment.

What IT equipment do I need to take the assessment from home?

You’ll need to have:

  • a laptop or computer with:
    - 4GB of RAM
    - Windows v7.0+ or Mac10.10+ operating system (MacOS BigSur users need to upgrade to 11.3+)
    - Intel Core i3 (or equivalent)

You cannot take the assessment on Chromebooks, tablets or phones

  • microphone, speakers and a webcam that can be used to scan the room
  • minimum internet speed of 2Mbps (2.4 Mbps recommended)
  • recommended screen size of at least 13 inches and 1024 x 768 resolution

You can use most PCs or laptops to take the assessment, but iPads, Chromebooks or mobile phones are not compatible.

I don’t have the necessary IT equipment at home to take the CoP. Can I attend a test centre?

Online invigilation is now our main way of running assessments. However, if there are special circumstances which prevent you from taking the assessment online, we'll be running a small number of events each year at venues around the UK. These will still be computer-based, but we will provide all the necessary equipment. 

Contact for further information.

What does it mean when some of the CoP events include Additional Support within the title?

These sessions are specifically for our members who require more time to take their assessment. Candidates in these sessions have up to three hours. When completing your booking for these sessions please let us know why additional time is required or otherwise please complete our reasonable adjustments form. It is not possible to be granted additional time for a session where it doesn’t state that it is an Additional Support session.

I’d like to make a request for adjustments to help me take the CoP – how do I do this?

When you book your CoP there will be a box for you to add any specific requirements. We'll come back to you nearer the assessment date to confirm what we can provide. If you are likely to need extra time to complete the assessment, please make sure you have booked a session with Additional Support in the title.

If you forgot to add your requirements, please complete our reasonable adjustments form. Please note that at least two weeks’ notice is required for any reasonable adjustment requests.

Can you make any adjustments for members who have dyslexia or dyspraxia, or who are colour blind?

If you have dyslexia, dyspraxia or are colour blind, you can have an additional hour to complete the CoP, allowing three hours in total. This will be clearly displayed on your screen when you take the assessment.

We can also change the text to an OpenDyslexic font and adjust the screen background colour to yellow. Or we can remove all colour from the screen so it only displays in black and white.

You can request any of these adjustments when you book your CoP or if you didn't mention when booking, please let us know by completing our reasonable adjustments form

I have a medical condition that means I may need to leave the room to go to the bathroom. Is this ok?

To maintain the assessment conditions, we state that candidates should not leave the room while the remote invigilation is in place. However, if you tell us in advance that it may be a problem for you, we can inform and agree this with the invigilators. You will need to finish the case study question you are working on before leaving the room. Please note that the timer will not be paused for the time that you are away from the assessment.

I am registered blind, What help can I have to take the COP online?

If you have a visual impairment, you may be able to have a support person with you during the assessment. Please discuss this with us in advance so that we can confirm the details with the support person and the invigilators.

You may also be able to use read-write software to take the assessment.

Please let us know if you want any additional support on the online booking form or by completing our reasonable adjustments form.

Can I book myself on two CoP events in case I can’t make the first date?

No, to allow all eligible members to book a CoP, you can only book one assessment at a time.

I've booked my CoP. When will I receive my sample assessment?

We'll give you access to the sample assessment approximately three weeks before your assessment date. The sample assessment consists of two case studies. The sample can be completed as many times as you wish but the content will always remain the same. 

I’ve booked myself on to a CoP event but now need to cancel. How do I do this?

Complete our cancellation notification form. You can then book on to another assessment.

Please give as much notice as you can. If you cancel within one week of your assessment date, we'll need to add a cancellation fee of £30 to your next assessment booking as TestReach will have already scheduled the invigilators and charged us for an assessment licence. The cancellation charge will also apply if you don’t schedule your assessment in time or do not attend your assessment. 

Preparing for the CoP assessment

Why do I have to log on to the system three weeks before my assessment?

Three weeks before your COP you'll be sent two emails from TestReach with a link to the TestReach app, which you’ll use to take the assessment, and your password. You'll need to download the app onto the computer you'll use to take the assessment and run a system check to make sure it is compatible. If you have any problems, please contact TestReach using the details in the emails. 

Doing this three weeks before the CoP allows you time to resolve any issues or to find an alternative place to take the assessment. You will need to schedule an exact time with TestReach as early as possible in this three week period and no later than 72 hours before your assessment time.

What subjects do I need to revise?

The CoP assesses competence of every day practice, so you don't need to revise theories or factual information. However, you should be familiar with signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, indicators of self-harm and suicidal ideation, and possible side effects of some medication and their impact on therapy. We recommend looking at the NHS website and the Mind website for further information about these areas. Please also take a look at our candidate guide.

Taking the CoP assessment

Why do I need to bring ID with me to the COP?

You  need to show the invigilator some form of photo ID over the webcam so that they can verify that you are the person booked to take the assessment. This can be a passport, driving licence or work ID pass containing a photograph. 

My webcam is built into the computer and is too heavy to move. How can I show the invigilator the room?

We understand that this can be difficult, but please show the invigilator as much of the room as reasonably possible. Ensure the immediate space around you is clear of any paper or reading materials and that any other PCs or laptops in the room are switched off. 

If you have a plug-in webcam or a laptop, you’ll be asked to show the invigilator the room and your surroundings. 

How many questions are there?

You'll be asked to complete six case studies by selecting the responses you feel are most appropriate. There are usually six to eight sections in each case study.

You can watch a video which explains this further and there is also a test tutorial on the TestReach app (available three weeks before your assessment). 

In the sample case study, some sections give a response of ‘indicated’ or ‘not indicated’. What does this mean?

You’ll see a response to every selection you make in the assessment. 'Indicated' means the option you've picked is an appropriate thing to do in that particular situation. ‘Not indicated’ means there may be more appropriate actions to take or ways to respond.

If I select an answer, can I change my mind later?

Every time you select a response, you’ll see a message asking if you’re sure. You can either select ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If you select ‘yes’, you won’t be able to change your choice. You can view previous sections of the case study to remind yourself of any relevant information, but you won’t be able to make any changes.

How do I know how many questions I have left to complete?

Two navigation buttons at the bottom of your screen allow you to move on to the next section of a case study or look back at previous sections. To the left of these buttons is a list icon which, when clicked, displays what question number you're on, how many you've completed, and how many you have left to complete. There's also a timer at the top right of the screen to help you judge how long to spend on each question.

In a standard two-hour assessment with six case studies, we recommend 20 minutes per case study, but you can use the time in any way that works for you.

How long will I have to wait for my CoP results?

It can take up to five weeks to send out results. When all a month's assessments have been completed, a team of practitioners and BACP staff check answers to ensure the case studies have been interpreted correctly and to make any necessary adjustments to the scoring. 

Registered members

When do I need to renew my registration?

You must renew your registration every year when you renew your membership online.

How much does registration cost?

There is no charge for registration.

How do I find myself on the Register?

Go to the Register search and type in your name.

If your details don't appear, it may be that you've not yet met the criteria to join the Register or that you've not renewed your registration. See registered member.

Why are my register and membership numbers different? 

Your Register certificate number is listed on the public-facing register so that clients or employers can check your registration. It's also shown on your individual registered logo. Your BACP membership number is not shown publicly.

How do I get my registered logo and certificate?

You can log in and download your logo and registration certificate from your account area on this website within 24 hours of joining the Register. Click into ‘My Account’ and select ‘Logos and Certificates’ from the menu on the left.

If you've renewed your membership, your certificate won't have your new expiry date on until your renewal date has passed.

I have downloaded my register logo. Where can I use this?

You can use your logo to advertise yourself as a BACP registered member as long as you stay within the guidelines on promoting your membership.

Is there a fee to use the registered logos?

No, these logos are free for registered members to use, subject to our guidelines.

SCoPEd and it’s impact

Will the CoP still exist now that SCoPEd has been adopted?

Yes, as an individual member (from a non-accredited course) you will still need to pass the COP to become a registered member. The structure of the CoP will be unchanged, but we'll be reviewing the requirements of a column A therapist to ensure that our assessment is aligned.

Find out more about SCoPED