Joining the Register

How do I join the Register?

When you join us as an individual member, you have 24 months to become a registered member.

There are two ways you can join the Register:

  1. Complete a BACP accredited course
    We will confirm whether your course was accredited (WHAT LETTER?). If it was, we will invite you to sign the online terms and conditions to join the BACP Register.

  2. Pass the Certificate of Proficiency
    If we confirm that your course was not BACP accredited, you will need to take our free CoP assessment.  

Certificate of Proficiency (CoP)

My course was not BACP accredited. How do I book on to a CoP and what does this entail?

You have 24 months to sit the CoP assessment which is now available online. The assessment takes around two to two and a half hours and you can sit it up to three times.

You need to book onto a session - we're constantly adding more dates to the website. 

You can also read our guide to the assessment.

I've booked my CoP. When will I receive my sample assessment?

We'll send the sample assessment to you by email one week before your assessment date. 

How long will I have to wait for my CoP results?

You'll usually receive your results about five weeks after taking your assessment.

If your membership is due for renewal before you receive your results, please don't wait to see if you've passed before renewing. We don't send results to lapsed members.

Registered members

When do I need to renew my registration?

You must renew your registration every year when you renew your membership online.

How much does registration cost?

There is no charge for registration.

How do I find myself on the Register?

Go to the Register search and type in your name.

If your details don't appear, it may be that you've not yet met the criteria to join the Register or that you've not renewed your registration. See registered member.

Why are my register and membership numbers different? 

Your Register certificate number is listed on the public-facing register so that clients or employers can check your registration. It's also shown on your individual registered logo. Your BACP membership number is not shown publicly.

How do I get my registered logo and certificate?

You can log in and download your logo and registration certificate from your account area on this website within 24 hours of joining the Register. Click into ‘My Account’ and select ‘Logos and Certificates’ from the menu on the left.

If you've renewed your membership, your certificate won't have your new expiry date on until your renewal date has passed.

I have downloaded my register logo. Where can I use this?

You can use your logo to advertise yourself as a BACP registered member as long as you stay within the guidelines on promoting your membership.

Is there a fee to use the registered logos?

No, these logos are free for registered members to use, subject to our guidelines.