There’s still time to take part in an NHS England campaign where you can share your views on how counselling and psychotherapy can have a greater impact on people’s lives.

The third online conversation for the Psychological Professions into Action campaign has been extended until Monday, June 22.

The campaign’s aim is to bring all psychological professions together to explore how psychological therapies can be expanded across the healthcare system in England.

Ideas shared by people during the first two online discussions have been refined and split into five themes.

Now it’s your chance to comment further on these – and to say what you think or good ideas, or are wrong, or what topics are missing.

The ideas put forward for the campaign will be combined with the responses to NHS England’s recent consultation on the Psychological Professions Vision for England 2019-24 to produce NHS England’s next draft psychological professions workforce plan covering the next five years.

The campaign is open to therapists and any other psychological professionals, the wider NHS workforce and members of the public – in fact anyone who wants to influence how psychological therapies are delivered in the NHS.

You can share your thoughts on the discussion forum on the Psychological Professions into Action campaign website until June 22.