NHS England is calling on you to share your views on how counselling and psychotherapy can have a greater impact on people’s lives and how the professions can help respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Its Psychological Professions into Action campaign has launched a second online engagement exercise with psychological professionals, including counsellors and psychotherapists.

The aim is to bring all psychological professions together to explore how psychological therapies can be expanded across the healthcare system in England.

Coronavirus response

One of the themes of the online discussions is regarding clarity about what’s already happening to coordinate a psychological response to the current Covid-19 crisis.

You can share your thoughts on the discussion forum on the Psychological Professions into Action campaign website until midday on 20 April.

The campaign is open to therapists and any other psychological professionals, the wider NHS workforce and members of the public – in fact anyone who wants to influence how psychological therapies are delivered in the NHS.

Positive impact

Matt Smith-Lilley, our Policy and Engagement Lead for Mental Health, said:

“We know that counsellors and psychotherapists make hugely positive impact on many people’s lives.

“We want to see the expertise and experience of all our members better recognised by the NHS, for more people to be able to access fantastic counselling and psychotherapy services and for more counsellors and psychotherapists to be in the workforce providing vital services and helping to shape the future of psychological therapies within the NHS.

Get your voice heard

“I know the timing of this next phase of the campaign is challenging, however it really is a fantastic opportunity to get your voices as practitioners heard by the NHS in England.

“I would really encourage anyone with an interest in influencing how psychological therapies are delivered within the NHS to get involved.”

The first phase of the campaign launched in January.

More than 2,000 people took part, with more than 8,000 comments posted on the discussion forum.

People are now being asked to have a further say on some of the themes that arose during the last round of online discussions. An action plan will be created based on the feedback.

Join the discussion.

The online workshops are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with feedback remaining anonymous.

You can use your PC, tablet or smartphone to access the site, and can read all previous comments, rate them and comment upon them, as well as throwing your own ideas into the mix.