Those who watch ITV’s Coronation Street and have seen the episodes in early May 2018 are likely to be aware of the harrowing storyline of Aidan Connor’s suicide, with subsequent episodes dealing with the impact on those left behind.

Shayne Ward, who plays the character of Aidan, was keen to reach out to other people who might be feeling desperate.

He tweeted: "If you feel like you are alone, YOU ARE NOT!" he wrote. "If you feel lost, YOU ARE NOT! If you feel unloved, YOU ARE NOT! If you feel powerless, YOU ARE NOT! Help is ALWAYS there. Talking about your feelings CAN and WILL save lives."

Aidan Connor on Coronation Street

Aidan Connor on Coronation Street

BACP feels that it's important to echo Ward’s words about getting support. If you're feeling suicidal talking to someone will help.

Chair of BACP, Dr Andrew Reeves, says: “Getting the right kind of support when feeling suicidal is so important, and is one of the reasons why BACP is a member of the National Suicide Prevention Alliance.

“Counsellors and psychotherapists understand that many kinds of emotional pain can lead to thoughts of suicide. The pain may mean that a person reaches a point where they feel they can no longer cope – they may not truly wish to die, but need help to cope at that moment. Therapy can help by allowing the sharing of thoughts and feelings, as well as working on ways to feel safe and re-engage with life.

“Organisations such as the Samaritans offer vital, life-saving help just at the right time. Alongside their help, talking with a professionally qualified and BACP registered therapist can change lives in such a way that other ways forward can be once again contemplated.”

If you are looking for help or support, see:

Samaritans - call free 24 hours a day on 116 123

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide – call 0300 111 5065

National Suicide Prevention Alliance’s Lifeline – call 0800 273 8255

How to find a therapist