The BACP Register

Choosing a practitioner who is a BACP registered member gives you an assurance that they meet the standards of proficiency and ethical practice you would expect.

We ensure this through:


All BACP members must take, or be taking, a core practitioner training course in counselling or psychotherapy. This course must be a minimum of one year full time or two years' part time tuition and include a supervised placement of 100 hours of client work.

Once they successfully graduate from their course, they can become an individual member. They then have a maximum of two years to become a registered member.


There are two ways members can join the Register: 

  1. By completing a BACP accredited course
    Our course accreditation scheme assesses counselling and psychotherapy courses against stringent criteria to ensure that they provide high quality, professional training. If a member has successfully completed a BACP accredited course we know that they have been trained and assessed to a good standard. 

  2. By passing our Certificate of Proficiency
    If a member's training was not BACP accredited, we don’t have detailed knowledge of their training. We ask them to take our Certificate of Proficiency (CoP) assessment to show that they meet our standards and are safe and effective practitioners.

    The CoP assesses 14 areas, such as the member’s ability to: 
  • work to ethical and professional good practice guidelines
  • establish and maintain clear therapeutic boundaries
  • manage how to end therapy for clients

    These areas are aligned to educational and professional standards and assess knowledge and skills to undergraduate degree level.

Most of our registered members have taken and passed the CoP.


Registered members must agree to comply with the BACP Register terms and conditions. These include committing to continuing professional development and working to our Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions.

We ensure that they continue to meet the standards by asking them to commit to these terms and conditions every year when they renew their membership. We also audit a number of registered members every month.

Checking if your therapist is registered

If you want to check whether a specific therapist is registered, you can check the BACP Register. This gives the name, registration number and location of all our registered members. 

If you’re unable to find a particular counsellor on the Register and would like us to check their membership status, please contact our customer service team at

Therapist directory

Our online therapist directory is a paid for directory where BACP members can advertise to potential clients. Only registered or accredited members can advertise on the directory. Most of those listed are private therapists who charge for their services.

If you want to find a therapist in your area, or someone who specialises in the issues you want help with, you can search our therapist directory

To search for a member in your area, enter your full post code. You can then use the distance filter to increase the search area, depending on how far you are able to travel.

Not all registered members are listed on the therapist search - only those who choose to pay to advertise on the directory. If you want to find out whether a specific therapist is registered, you can check the BACP Register.

What is accredited?

Accreditation is a higher quality standard for our more experienced members. To become accredited, members must complete many hours of training, practice and supervision and go through our rigorous application and assessment process.

A BACP accredited member is an experienced practitioner who has:

  • a high standard of core training meeting substantial, specific BACP requirements for advanced practice
  • accumulated 450 or more fully supervised clinical practice hours, of which a third are post qualifying
  • at least three years of clinical practice
  • supervision for a minimum of 1.5 hours per month while in practice

If you’re looking for a therapist, you can feel assured that accredited members have met high standards of practice and are accountable to our accreditation standards. 

We also have a senior accreditation scheme, to recognise members with extensive expertise in specialist areas of work, and an accreditation scheme for organisations with counselling and psychotherapy services.

Accredited members will show an accredited or senior accredited logo on their directory listings. 


Where members use the title Dr in their directory listing, or on the Register, this will usually refer to a research qualification at PhD level rather than a medical qualification.

If you have any comments or would like to share your story, please email us at