Declan Donnelly says he has been receiving counselling since his television partner Ant McPartlin’s drink-drive conviction.

Dec says he “sought help” while Ant entered rehab and withdrew from his TV commitments.

Speaking to The Guardian’s Weekend magazine, Dec described the episode as “destabilising” and said he turned to therapy.

“I’m not too proud to say I sought help when Ant was away,” he said.

“It’s the most destabilising thing that has ever happened to me. I had some counselling, and I still do.”

Asked if he was on medication, Dec said: “No, just counselling. Therapy.

“It helps to talk to somebody independent, who doesn’t watch or care about TV. We just sit and talk for an hour.”

The Geordie duo are reunited on ITV on Saturday when they return together for Britain’s Got Talent.

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